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It’s a bright and sunny very normal afternoon when Savannah opens her email to find photos of her husband, Yuri tied to a chair with his pants around his ankles and a stripper between his thighs, at his bachelor party.

Savannah and Yuri have been happily married for two years.  Now she's on a rampage to burn down their world with poor, disillusioned and slightly insane Yuri trying to stop her. 

Should Savannah give Yuri a pass for his wild bachelor party behaviour?

He's an ex-Russian gangster.  She's a black woman on a rampage.
They're both insane but crazy in love.




MERCURY CARDINAL, the quietly intense and dedicated captain of Chimera Team, has one mission tonight.  Get Daria Hill from the safety of her bed, through the rebels who just overtook the embassy, to the rendezvous helicopter on the other side of town.

Guarding  Daria has been Mercury’s long standing cover assignment when not on special operations missions, protecting her is sacred, and even though their relationship has changed and he hates the thought of having to let her go, he'll get her safely to the evacuation helicopter or die trying  . . .

He's an intense special operations soldier with Canada's elite JTF2 unit.
She's the cool headed daughter of a mother who runs a business empire.
In charge of her security, he never lets her out of his site.
A personal relationship is forbidden.
Their daughter is a secret only they share.
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